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Spectra Health Limited.

Our vision is to become the imaging facility of choice for all forms of specialized diagnostic and interventional radiological referrals in Ghana and Sub Saharan Africa, bridging the gap between technology and cost.

As a leader in imaging and interventional radiology in Ghana, we continue to broaden our spectrum of medical services to cater for the diverse health needs of our clients. Our experienced clinicians are always on hand to ensure that our patients receive the very best of care with virtually no waiting times and no hustle.

By combining the most advanced technology and facilities with leading radiology expertise, we provide a first-class patient experience and world-class reporting.



CT scan

A computed tomography (CT) scan, is a diagnostic medical X-ray test used to show detailed cross-sectional images inside the body on a computer.

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography uses x-rays to easily detect abnormalities that otherwise may not be viewed clearly with traditional mammography.


Ultrasound imaging is a safe, non-invasive technique which uses sound waves to produce pictures of the organs in the body.


Using a probe that emits and receives ultrasound waves, an echocardiogram is a routine heart test that provide images of the heart in real-time.

Upcoming diagnostic services

CATH lab: Cardiac catheterization is a procedure which requires that a thin, hollow tube (a catheter) be inserted into the blood vessel leading…

Interventional Radiology

PLDD performed with computed tomographique (CT) is a minimally invasive procedure for herniated intervertebral discs which does not require general anaesthesia…

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