About US

Spectra Health Limited, your premier Imaging Facility and Scanning Center,
is dedicated to delivering excellence in healthcare services.
Our commitment extends beyond technology, as we provide exceptional
care and support to every patient we serve.

Our Vision

Spectra Health Limited envisions becoming the healthcare facility of choice for all specialized diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services, aiming to advance quality medical care and technology while upholding the highest levels of personal and business integrity

Digital Memmography

Our Mission

At Spectra Health Limited, our mission is to be the premier imaging facility in Ghana and beyond. We provide compassionate care, utilizing research-proven imaging modalities. We collaborate with referring health facilities to meet unique patient needs, and actively contribute to continuous medical education. We are committed to shaping the future of medical imaging through excellence and compassion


Core Values


Spectra Health Limited holds these values to be fundamental:

Respect for human dignity, innovation and trust.

Respect the dignity of our clients and patients, particularly patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Offer care with concern and kindness to our clients and patients and services to its highest quality at the lowest possible cost.


Provide advance growth and development of the facility to meet the needs of patients and clients

Consistently seek to provide highest quality and safe patient care.

Cultivate a culture of trust, honesty, openness and cooperation between patients, clients and staff.