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Are you suffering from chronic pain in the neck and back? This condition is medically described as discogenic radiculopathy. Up until now, surgery had remained the only option for patients whose symptoms were not relieved by analgesics, physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions.
The good news is that Spectra Health now offers you resolution of your chronic neck and back pain without surgery!

A healthy spine has soft pliable pieces of disc material between the various vertebrae, which act as cushions and give the body flexibility. However, with aging, the discs undergo wear and tear and tend to lose their elasticity and strength. Aside the normal aging process, poor sitting, bending and lying posture are known to further accelerate the degenerative process. Protrusion and inflammation of the discs with attendant impingement on the surrounding nerves result in pain, back and neck stiffness, numbness and tingling sensation in the arms and legs.

If any of the statements below sound like you, it is time to contact Spectra Health Imaging and Interventional Radiology for your initial CT scanning or MRI review.

  •  You have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, bulging/herniated disc, sciatica or other chronic spine conditions.
  • You have already had open spine surgery and have not found relief.
  • You have not had success with conservative treatments like chiropractic care, physical therapy, yoga/stretching or prescription pain medication.
  • You have trouble sleeping, exercising, standing for long periods of time or participating in daily activities.

At Spectra Health, we pride ourselves by ensuring that our patients “don’t go another day with their chronic neck or back pain”