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Image guided biopsies and drainage

Image-guided biopsy and abscess drainage is performed using a moving X-ray technique (fluoroscopy), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound or magnetic resonance (MR) to guide the procedure.

Image-guided biopsies are performed in patients with a known primary tumor, to rule out metastatic malignancy, to establish the final diagnosis, or to differentiate between tumor necrosis and potential vital tumor tissue in residual lesions after therapy. Image-guided aspiration, punch, and drill biopsy may be performed in essentially every organ system and location, and overall complication rates are low.

Image-guided drainage serves as a means for percutaneous therapy of abscesses and abnormal fluid collection. Primary and postoperative fluid collections in nearly every organ system and multiple locations can now be safely treated percutaneously at Spectra Health.

  • With image guidance, the abnormality can be biopsied while important nearby structures such as blood vessels and vital organs can be seen and avoided.
  • The patient is spared the pain, scarring and complications associated with open surgery.
  • Recovery times are usually shorter and patients can more quickly resume normal activities.