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Digital X-Rays

X-rays are similar to light as they are a form of electromagnetic radiation, and an x-ray machine is similar to a camera. However, instead of using visible light, an x-ray machine uses x-rays to expose the image.

In the process of capturing a digital x-ray, digital image sensors are used instead of photographic film. This is the latest method of obtaining an x-ray and is preferred over the use of films as digital images are clearer and more accurate.

  • This advancement eliminates the need for chemical processing and longer wait times for film development as images are accessible for review immediately after your examination.
  • Images can also be sent to a physician electronically so he/she can access them on their desktop or personal computer and report their findings within minutes.

During the examination, x-ray particles referred to as photons are sent by the x-ray machine to pass through the body, allowing a digital image to be recorded. This does involve exposure to low doses of x-rays to produce a black and white image on a computer screen. The amount of exposure is very small and directed towards the part of the body being imaged.