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CT Scan

A computed tomography (CT) scan is a diagnostic medical X-ray test used to show detailed cross-sectional images inside the body on a computer. With the Somatom Definition AS 64 slice CT scanner, Spectra Health is dedicated to providing the best care for our patients.

Whether it is saving time with a high scan speed of up to 23cm/s and rotation of 0.28 or protecting our patients with the lowest radiation dose possible, our CT scanner is capable of adapting to virtually every patient and every clinical question even those who are claustrophobic. Additionally, there is no compromise on the quality of images that are produced ensuring that with the corresponding software applications, we are able to evaluate a variety of clinical challenges. We undertake general services as well as special services such as:

CT Scanner Somatom Definition Edge from Siemens
Cardiac imaging combines two crucial requirements in CT imaging: high spatial resolution at high temporal resolution. One example that demonstrates the benefits of the new Somatom Definition Edge* regarding artifact-free high resolution is stent imaging in cardiology.

A CT-guided angiogram can show narrowed or blocked areas of a blood vessel. Using an iodine intravenous dye and CT scan, we are able to diagnose and evaluate disease or conditions related to the blood vessels such as aneurysms or blockages.

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One of the early indications of possibly developing colon cancer is when abnormal growths in the colon known as polyps (usually not harmful) become cancerous.

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Osteoporosis is a disease where a decrease in the bone mass causes a decrease in bone strength and increased risk of fracture.

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