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CT guided nerve block and neurolysis

A nerve block is an injection to decrease inflammation or “turn off” a pain signal along a specific distribution of nerve. At Spectra Health, this is done under imaging guidance (CT) to place the needle in the right location for maximum benefit.

  •  People who suffer from either acute or chronic pain, often, such pain originates from the spine, but other areas commonly affected include the neck, buttocks, legs and arms.
  •  People with damaged nerve, as nerve blocks allows the nerve to heal itself from a state of constant irritation.
  •  Patients with undetermined cause or source of pain.

At Spectra Health, nerve blocks take only minutes to administer. Under CT-guidance, the Interventional radiologist will identify the spot the needle needs to be placed. Then the needle will be inserted at a specific depth to deliver the medication as close to the problematic nerve(s) as possible. It only takes a short time for the medication to achieve pain relief.